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We welcome applications for placements starting from 2nd September 2018 and further! We have our winter break due to bank holidays starting from 23rd December 2018  until 1st January 2019. If you have other preferences, contact us via

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Choose the Sunday you would like to arrive to Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) where we pick you up. The more weeks you stay the more mentoring teams you shadow. We recommend to look closely at the description of each of the department specialties to be sure, that the ones you prefer suit you and your needs the most. It is better to choose more specialties than the number of weeks you´d like to stay. We´ll do our best to match your placement with your preferences. 

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You will recieve the direct access to the CHP System - our student web system - where you can find a complete and always available overview of your whole hospital placement, exclusive study materials related to your specialty and also more information on the University Hospital in Motol and your mentors. Just choose a good password you´ll remember cool to access the CHP System from every device. 

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