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A brief overview of the Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialized Center

At the Specialized Center of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, we provide the comprehensive treatment of diseases in the ENT and head and neck surgery fields. We ensure surgical service including super-specialized interventions as the leader of the Czech otorhinolaryngology.

Annually, we provide around 7,500 surgeries and 48,500 outpatient examinations. The number increases per each year.

Our center focuses on super-specialized operations in the areas of reconstructive oncological surgeries, surgeries of the skull base including tumors and vestibuloacoustic nerves or cochlear and auditory brainstem neuro implants to treat bilateral deafness, too.

How will your detailed schedule look like? What kind of surgeries, procedures, methods or treatment can you observe? Check what can you see by shadowing every member of the mentoring team.

Is this specialty placement ideal for you?

  • This placement is ideal for you if you are interested in a surgical specialty and already experienced in the healthcare environment as shadowing the ENT and Head and Neck Surgery mentoring team allow you to discover super-specialized surgical methods and procedures as well as the diagnostic ones
  • This placement is a great opportunity for those of you, who want to become doctors one day. The otorhinolaryngology is an extremely varied specialty and you will work with adult patients. For those of you who are interested in the pediatric ENT, we suggest the option of Otorhinolaryngology for Children.
  • If you are uncertain about your desired profession, but you are interested in this specialty, applying for placement in both sections of the hospital is an ideal solution.

Let's take a closer look at the specialties…

Our center covers a comprehensive spectrum of examination and treatment of diseases in the ENT and head and neck surgery fields wherein the super-specialized patient cases we are the leader for the whole country. The otorhinolaryngology specialty deals with medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with disorders and diseases of the structures of ear, nose, and throat.

The head and neck surgery focus on the areas where our most important senses as smell, sight, and hearing as well as our face are. Our team provides the treatment of various types of tumors, reconstructive surgeries after trauma or inborn deformities of the face as well as on cosmetic surgery.

Our center is divided into the following sections – 4 Operating Rooms where we conduct from 12 to 19 surgeries daily, ICU and I. and II. Inpatient Units with 66 beds altogether, Super-specialized centers and 8 Outpatient Wards with specialized care including a smaller OR for methods and procedures in local anesthesia.

Our ICU is divided into oncological and standard inpatient parts with 12 beds. Apart from the ICU, we have the I. Inpatient Unit with 27 beds and the special focus on oncological patients with the equipment for chemotherapy treatment. The II. Inpatient Unit is a standard ward with 27 beds.

One of the most exciting parts of our work is the super-specialized focus that we can offer to our patients in the different centers as well as in the specialized outpatient wards and cooperation with various departments within the University Hospital in Motol on patient cases that our colleagues send us from the whole Czech Republic.

Among our super-specialized centers are:

  • Center for laser surgery
  • Center for surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Center for cochlear implants
  • Center for head and neck oncological surgery
  • Center for salivary glands diseases
  • Center for rehabilitation in patients after total laryngectomy
  • Center for electronic hearing replacements
  • Center for treatment of sleep insufficiency
  • Center for swallowing disorders with the multidisciplinary cooperation

In the specialized outpatient wards the patients come for regular check-ups, to undergo diagnostic methods, treatment procedures or small surgeries in local anesthesia:

  • Oncology
  • Cophosurgery
  • Rhinology
  • Endocrinological surgery
  • Otoneurology
  • Correction of hearing disorders - hearing aids
  • Laryngo-phonosurgery
  • Rehabilitation of voice - voice prostheses
  • Sleep disorders and snoring-related problems
  • Sonography
  • Salivary glands disorders
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Neurosurgery and cranial base disorders

Who do we take care of?

We take care of adult patients who suffer from ear, nose, throat, and head and neck conditions or are in the need of facial cosmetic surgery. These patients can come to our specialized center with adenoid problems, swallowing problems, tonsillitis, and obstructive sleep apnoea, oncological diseases affecting the mouth, oral cavity, throat, larynx, salivary glands, skull base and the nose area.

We focus as well on the removal of facial skin lesions and skin cancer, nasal injuries, nasal polyps and obstructions, tumors of the nose or disorders of the sense of smell. We treat otosclerosis, age-related hearing loss, infections in ears as well as dizziness and vertigo, tinnitus and many more conditions.

Our methods and procedures

Among our newest treatment methods and procedures are the following ones:

  • Use of Montgomery Salivary Bypass Tube after resection and reconstruction interventions in oncological surgery of head and neck
  • CODACS – the first surgery of this cochlear implant in the Czech Republic
  • Endoscopic approaches in the removal of tumors of the internal auditory meatus
  • Extended microsurgery in tumors of paranasal sinuses and crania using the navigation
  • Augmentation of vocal cords via Radiesse
  • Treatment of patients with sleep apnea using the DISE method
  • Treatment of Frey‘s syndrome by botulinum toxin
  • Perioperative neuromonitoring
  • Fibroendoscopy of swallowing pathways with functional assessments (FEES)
  • Examination of vestibular myogenic potentials (VEMP) in patients with equilibrium disorders
  • Endoscopic surgeries of esophageal diverticula
  • Endoscopic diagnostics of respiratory tract tumors and tumors of swallowing pathways with the help of MBI
  • Endoscopic examination of the salivary glands and endoscopic treatment of sialolithiasis
  • Rehabilitation of patients after total laryngectomy by synthetic voice recordings in collaboration with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen - Department of Cybernetics

And there’s much more of what you can observe!

How does the usual schedule look like?

  • You will spend at least 25 hours each week in the hospital, though the hours differ for each student. The specific number of hours depends on your mentors’ shifts and on your approach to the specialty. You might work for 30 or more hours per week. The hours spent in the hospital will differ daily according to the schedule and length of surgeries and other procedures. Always ask your mentor when and where you should meet him or her for the following day and you can also ask about their itinerary so you are prepared. 

If you are not sure whether this choice is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will discuss your experience and motivation and come up with the best solution for you.

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