For Parents and Student Advisors

For Parents

As a parent or legal guardian, you want the best for your daughter or son. You wish for them to become successful and respected people who are happy with their career choices.  For any young person, it is essential to feel their family support in pursuing their chosen career and desired profession. During these days it is also crucial to know, that your child will be save with us, check our COVID-19 Policy and do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Being a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, biomedical engineer, midwife, physiotherapist, paramedic, or any other healthcare professional is a highly demanding and hard job that can be both stressful and rewarding at times.

If your child has decided or is about to decide to follow this path, we are here to help. The CHP Program is designed to assist young and prospective students with discovering the reality of being a healthcare professional in a live clinical environment in a top healthcare facility.

Read a bit more about who stands behind the idea od the CHP Program in the Interview. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to book a call with our manager, Mgr. Barbora Vagnerova, E.MA who can discuss with you all about our study program and each specialty. You can check the level of experience our students are getting with our Alumni students who act as our CHP Program Ambassadors.

Even before making the decision about participation in the CHP Program, students can get to know more about the departments and mentoring teams they can shadow. This includes information about the individuals' professional experience and motivation. We think of it as absolutely necessary that our students and their parents know everything before they go, to be sure where your child is, which professional he or she shadows, and with whom your child speaks with about their studies, career, and desired achievements.

The first steps of your child's successful career

What's more, the Czech healthcare system is on a very high level, comparable to other western healthcare systems. This brings to our students an exclusive advantage of not only shadowing mentors in a real clinical environment which is comparable to one they might work in one day but also to experience a country-specific approach to enrich their views and insight into the topics of healthcare or a particular specialty.

Our effort is to make the offered work experience hospital placement as valuable as possible. That is why in the pre-departure phase the CHP Students obtain exclusive study materials to make sure that they are ready for the placement from a knowledge point of view. Read the parent's review and whether the father of our Alumna Payton recommends the CHP Program for other students.

Safety is our number one priority

As the job of a healthcare professional requires a high accountability and reliability, we treat our CHP Students as responsible individuals who approach this field with a certain level of respect. This establishes a safe and easy going environment, bearing in mind that the students' safety is our top priority.

We understand you want to be certain about the support available when your child is abroad. That is why there is always a CHP Team member ready to assist and help in the hospital, or in the accommodation for our students. We are always happy to be in touch with parents, so please don't hesitate to call or email us and ask for more details when something is unclear or just to check on your family member.

A powerful way to boost self-confidence and motivation to study

For a young person, this kind of experience is fundamental and helps with personal growth. Taking part in the CHP Program abroad teaches them to be independent, shows them new approaches, diversity, and also encourages them to communicate with respected professionals and fellow students. Last but not least, in the long run, the CHP Program can establish new friendships with people who share the same values and dreams.

The instant effect is significant in assuring the students that the chosen field is right for them which helps them to be motivated even in the more difficult moments of their studies. Besides, it helps them to grow as human beings with an even more mature approach towards themselves and others. We encourage our students to create connections and network with other young people from all around the world, and we want to create opportunities for them to come back to the Czech Republic once again.

Let your daughter or son stand apart from others

After the completion and evaluation of the program, every CHP Student is awarded with the CHP Certificate, summarizing the student's placement as well as the Tutorials & Excursions, and mentoring team's information. The best students of the CHP Program who excels in skills, motivation, and approach, can aspire to get the positive evaluation by their mentoring team. Receiving a positive evaluation, oral or written, by at least one mentor is a foundation for the CHP Personal Recommendation.

The Personal Recommendation is an elaborated document issued on behalf of the program manager and respective mentors. It also relies on the personal qualities and potential of the recommended student according to all of the parties involved. That gives your child a significant competitive edge compared to other peers applying to a university and increases their selectivity. Both the CHP Certificate and the Personal Recommendation are free of charge.

In case you would like to know more about the CHP Program, please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer all your questions.


For Student Advisors

The mission of the Czech Hospital Placement Program is to educate and motivate young students to follow their dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals. We would like to provide them with a competitive advantage in following their future path by having a remarkable experience in a live clinical environment. The CHP Program is a demanding study program, not only in regards to preparation but also in the experience itself. That is why we included online exams to every placement week's ending.

We are fundamentally concerned about the student’s personal growth. Apart from enhancing the student's knowledge of the healthcare discipline, the experience also helps to develop their personality, as well. The CHP Students are confronted with an unknown environment, in a foreign country with new people they have never met before. We monitor their reactions and how they manage the situations they are exposed to. It has an important role in matters of self-confidence and their motivation in future studies. They will realize how demanding the job really is and if it is the right choice for them.

We think of our students as of young, motivated people and we expect them to follow the necessary rules. The clinical environment is demanding in regards to the preparation, behavior, and the professional code of every individual. We try to facilitate the experience for our students and we are always available in case they have some questions or problems.

The right motivation is the key to success

We are in touch with the CHP Students from the moment of registration until the evaluation of their experience after their departure. During registration, all of the students are asked about their expectations for the program and also to set up their own goals pertaining to personal development. Upon completion of the program, we ask the students for an overall evaluation, allowing them to review the statements they made before the placement. We do this to encourage the CHP Students to contemplate if their expectations met with reality. When our students conclude their desired discipline is exactly what they wished for, it gives them strong motivation during their upcoming studies, in addition to a lifetime experience.

The part of the student profile related to her/his expectations and motivation is also visible to student's mentoring team. It has a key role in getting to know the student and his or her personality.

Our students learn from the best in a real clinical environment

The program is run in a top healthcare facility in the Czech Republic. The healthcare itself is on a very high level, comparable to other western healthcare systems in both standards of care and equipment. Additionally, students can compare the country-specific approach.

The quality of mentorship is the most important part of the CHP Program. Our mentors are doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, midwives, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals. They are chosen according to their professional experience and other qualities such as approach and motivation for educating and sharing experiences. You may check their profiles in the departments' information.


We want our students to be precise in preparations

We have created exclusive Study Materials for our students in cooperation with the mentors. Our students come from different educational institutions and systems that may differ from other countries. These materials enable the student to be prepared for the placement from an information standpoint.  This helps the students enhance their knowledge prior and during their placement. It also allows mentors to appreciate when students are ready for this kind of experience, and they tend to give them additional assignments or recommend other literature.

Personal Recommendation for students with the best performance

Finally, as a confirmation of the participation in the CHP Program, we provide all students with the CHP Certificate covering all details of the placement. In addition to the certificate, students can obtain a personal recommendation. The personal recommendation is provided to the best students who excel in skills, motivation, approach, and who receive a positive evaluation (oral or written) from at least one mentor. The Personal Recommendation is an elaborated document issued on behalf of the program manager and the respective mentors. It is given to those who demonstrate positive personal qualities and potential. Mentors evaluate students mainly according to their performance, preparation for the program from the study materials, and their potential.

Both of these documents are totally free of charge as we think it is a prestigious part of the program which the student has gained according to his or her qualities.

If there is anything else you would like to know about the CHP Program or in case you would like to recommend it to your students, please, do not hesitate to be in touch with us. We are happy to send you the program brochure.