Benefits of the CHP Program

Czech Hospital Placements Program by BPLANS

1. Know everything before you go

As the quality of any work experience hospital placement is determined by the person who mentors you, by the department and the hospital, we think of it as absolutely necessary that our students know all the relevant information before they make the decision to participate in the CHP Program. You may contact the CHP Program Ambassadors, students who took part in the CHP Program and can share with you their practical bits of advice and experience with the Czech Hospital Placements Program.

That is why the CHP Team cooperates very closely with the chosen mentors and the hospital to provide you with information about each department and the mentoring team. You can check all the choices you have to become familiar with the character of the departments. What's more, you can become familiar with the most important people for your placement - your mentors. Do you wonder why they have chosen this profession, what international experience do they have, or what keeps them motivated at their difficult jobs? Discover all in their profiles before you apply and profit from the time with them to ask all you want to know during your placement. CHP Program mentors are of course fluent in English. 

Nowadays more than ever you shall know ahead of time what will happen if your placement is directly influenced by COVID-19. Check our complete COVID-19 Policy here.

Moreover, with us you are sure about:










2. Be ready for your placement and get the most out of it with our exclusive study materials

Our philosophy is to prepare our students before their arrival as only then they can gain the most from this experience. Therefore we provide you with exclusive CHP study materials related to each of the specialty departments, such as Radiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Resuscitation Unit, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics&Gynecology and more. These study materials will include information about:






Immerse yourself into the fields that interest you the most.

This is an advantage not only for you and your fellow students, but also for your mentors who can go more in depth while explaining their specialty to you. The best way to learn intensively in a perpetually changing clinical environment is to prepare. We recommend to study thoroughly information about the typical patient cases you can read about in every mentor's profile. You shall be fully prepared prior to your arrival to get the most of the placement.

Apart from the department-specfic study material, you receive our special guide on basic rules related to your time in a healthcare environment, covering hospital regulations, according to the country specific code of healthcare professional behavior. What´s more, the CHP Team and your mentors are here for you to explain you in depth the country´s healthcare system so you could compare the one of your country with the on of the Czech Republic, e.g. during the final online exam that takes place every week of the shadowing experience.

3. Real professionals in a real clinical environment

Our mentors are professionals who relish the opportunity to share their knowledge, views, and years of experience with you. Have a look at the Mentoring Teams profiles and discover the focus of every doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, biomedical engineer, midwife, and paramedic.  You will learn what to expect when shadowing them, including what drives them to work in these demanding fields. 

The priceless education you have received from school lectures and textbooks will be comprehensively understood and explained by witnessing real cases in a live clinical environment. Taking part in the CHP Program will help you see your own potential in the specialty of your choice, and discover new areas that you wouldn't know about without having practical experience.

Along with gaining confidence about your own future profession, you will shadow your mentors on your own or with another student who is at the similar knowledge level. The exclusivity of the CHP Program creates an excellent opportunity to truly bond with your colleagues and make a good connection with your mentors, allowing you to know the specialty to its greatest extent. 

4. Stand out with your elective rotations'choice, university application, personal statement, or during interviews

Today, the number of applicants for job positions, universities and colleges is increasing, especially in the area of healthcare. Consequently, these institutions tend to be more and more selective. Tangible hospital work experience where you can demonstrate your commitment and analytical skills in front of an admission committee gives you a competitive advantage, and a chance to stand apart from other applicants, because you went the extra mile.

Once seeking for elective rotations you shall go for a workplace with the highest standards of care. 

When writing your essay (US),  personal statement (UK), or during interviews, you have to be authentic about your experience and demonstrate your passion in the field for which you are applying.

The members of the committee must be sure that you will not give up when your studies become more difficult. You have to be sure you want to work as a healthcare professional, and you need to be able to express that in the best possible way to an admission committee. Your goal is to prove to them that you belong in the university with valid and honest arguments that are built on concrete experience, ideally in a modern healthcare institution with great references. 

By having the experience you can afford to write and speak about specific examples in detail, such as your passion for a particular specialty, patient cases you shadowed, and treatment methods. Don't hesitate to mention the positive personal qualities you witnessed in your mentors, and how those qualities are important to you and your future career. 

Being a part of the hospital team for a few weeks will give you so much to talk and write about. With our program you have the opportunity to gain experience overseas and the ability to compare the healthcare system in your country to the one in the Czech Republic, giving you a perspective that other students simply will not have.

To help you even more, we provide you with the CHP Certificate with the important details of your placement as an official confirmation including your exam results taken online on Friday after your week placement ends. The best students are provided with a CHP Personal Recommendation, which is based upon a positive evaluation by at least one of your mentors.  To be considered for this, you need to be exceptional in your overall approach, motivation and professional qualities. When applying to universities or for employment, you need to provide letters of recommendation. We can guarantee the value of this recommendation from one of the top University Hospitals in Prague. Both the CHP Certificate and Personal Recommendation are free of charge.

5. Compare and observe to be genuine about your experience

Even though the Czech Healthcare System is comparable to western countries, there are always country specifics. You have a unique opportunity to see new approaches, and both inside and outside of the hospital you will witness cultural and social diversity. This will enhance your general outlook and may bring you the greater empathy and sensibility, which will benefit you not only as a professional but also in your personal life. And what is more, this comparison of country specifics may be a great topic for your job interviews or a personal statement or essay at your university admissions.

6. Network and connect with young prospective students

Even in the pre-departure phase you are able to communicate with your fellow students, thanks to the CHP System. It is a secure area available only to CHP Students, where they can contact and network with each other. Why not plan your flight together if you come from the same country, share your expectations and interests, or chat about how you are preparing for the CHP Program. Once you are in Czechia, sharing the room with your peers is a great way to make new friendships which may last for a lifetime.

Don't miss the chance to travel, as it is a huge part of the experience abroad.

My Schedule

What will your usual day look like?

As a CHP Student you prosper and grow in the healthcare environment of the University Hospital in Motol providing tertiary and quaternary care, where you learn from the best. You start early in the morning at your Department to shadow your mentoring team for at least 5 hours daily according to the department´s schedule. You witness the indescribable atmosphere of the operating room, you see how the patients are diagnosed, and you compare the country specific approach in medical treatment with the one of your origin. 

In the afternoon, you will attend our special Tutorials & Excursions to provide you with practical experience and medical knowledge.

On Friday the online exam focusing on your gained knowledge will take place every weeks. Its results are a part of your CHP Program Certificate.

Later it is time to talk with your fellow students about all you have witnessed that day in the operating theatre or while on rounds with your mentor.

After your placement you are encouraged to take a moment to discover breathtaking historical Prague and organize short trips. The weekend is your time to travel around Europe. What about sightseeing in magnificent Vienna or going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Thanks to the practical CHP System you can see and control your schedule and plan your leisure activities with your fellow students online!

Tutorials and Excursions

Shadowing your mentor 25 – 30 hours weekly brings you so many opportunities to learn and observe. Besides the shadowing hours, we organize special sessions every week only for CHP Students.

These sessions are Tutorials and Excursions which are either focused on the latest research findings in a certain specialty, explaining a certain type of treatment, excursions to specialized centres, patient cases or on practical lectures with hands-on experience.

In the case of Excursions, we profit from the fact that the University Hospital in Motol is the largest hospital facility in the Czech Republic and cooperates with other facilities. It opens up the opportunity for our students to study interesting topics, the latest research and new treatment methods.  

CHP System

The CHP System is a unique online interface that brings you everything you need with just one click. And don't worry, it is easy to understand! 

What does the CHP System do for you?

  • It guides you through every step of your placement
  • Gives you the chance to communicate with the CHP Team and your fellow students
  • It brings you an extended overview of the hospital, your departments and your mentors
  • Provides access to study materials related to your department specialty and to other guides we created just for you
  • Allows mentors to see a limited section of your profile, including your motivation, education and personal expectations
  • Follows your approach and specialty overview, which are evaluated by the mentoring team through the CHP System
  • Displays the CHP Certificate summarizing your participation in the CHP Program, which will be ready for you after your arrival back home

CHP Certificate & Personal Recommendation

The CHP Certificate officially confirms your participation in the program, and includes information about all of the aspects of your placement - such as the names of your mentors, dates, visited Tutorials & Excursions, hours spent at the hospital, exam results and so on. This evidence can be a key element in your application to universities or future employers.

The best students of the CHP Program aspire to obtain the Personal Recommendation. A positive evaluation by at least one mentor (oral or written) is required to recieve it. Every member of the mentoring team can evaluate their students directly in the CHP System so we immediately see how are you doing in the hospital. A Personal Recommendation is an elaborated document issued on behalf of the hospital, program manager and respective mentors, given to those who demonstrate positive personal qualities and potential.

Both the CHP Certificate and Personal Recommendation are free of charge. We believe that we cannot charge a fee for the confirmation of students' hard work, strong will, and performance.


We want to support as many young people as possible to pursue their dream of becoming a healthcare professional.  Every six months we will provide a partial CHP Scholarship to one of you. We will let you know via our social media outlets, so be sure to check frequently for more information.

Accommodation and Food

Apart from the hospital, your accommodation is another place where you spend a lot of time. We have chosen for you a beautiful house which is close to the hospital as well as to the city center. You will be staying with other students in single-sex cozy bedrooms with a bathroom. There is also a social room for you to meet with each other. Wifi is available in the house.

There will always be a member of the CHP Team available; we are always ready to provide help or advice.

We also provide you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner during weekdays from Sunday dinner to Friday lunch. Don't worry about your dietary requirements, we do our best to fulfill them. Prague has countless restaurants that you can visit for lunch or dinner, according to your wishes or needs. We have made for you a written guide with tips for some of the restaurants and cafés in Prague.



You can join us if you are at the age of 17 to 26 years old. In case you are 17, we require your parent's or legal guardian's confirmation of your participation in the CHP Program. You can upload prescribed documents signed by your parents or legal guardians later on via the CHP System.

Yes, it definitely is! The CHP Program gives you the opportunity to shadow professionals in a real clinical environment so you have the practical insight to the specializations you are interested in.

If you are in pre-med or pre-healthcare studies, you have the chance to make up your mind on which specialization is the right one for you. Furthermore, the CHP Certificate or the Personal Recommendation can help you once applying for internships or other job opportunities.

The CHP Program is designed for all students from around the world, so it is not limited to USA or UK citizens. All of the activities are run in English, so you just need to be fluent in the English language.

As your mentors speak English, as well as, the CHP Team, you will not need the knowledge of any other language. Anyway, before you go, we will provide you with some basic Czech Vocabulary. Your mentor and patients in the hospital will be delighted when you too say them “Hello” or “Thank you” in Czech. And it is also important to know the basic vocabulary for traveling around Czechia, so you are completely independent.

The more weeks you go, the more departments you see, so it depends just on you. Usually CHP students come for two to four weeks.

The high season is from May to September. Nevertheless, the CHP Program runs the whole year, so don't hesitate to plan your placement after the high season from October to April, too. It gives you an advantage to outstand and make stronger personal bonds with new people you meet including your mentoring team.

The best way to ensure your placement and desired department is to register the earliest possible. The registration process has a few steps to fulfill. And the earlier you are done with it, the earlier you have your placement and department guaranteed and booked.

The CHP Program is run all year long.

The quality of your placement is determined by the person who mentors you. With us, you know ahead of time which professionals are in the mentoring team even before you decide to take part in the CHP Program.

The profiles of mentors are easily available under the section of specialty departments where you are able to read more about their experience, skills, motivation, and character. Your mentor is always a healthcare professional who works directly in your preferred department of the hospital.

You will be shadowing your mentor in the clinical environment directly at the top healthcare facility University Hospital in Motol, where he or she works daily. Depending on the department you choose, you may be guided through the laboratory, operating room, or patient wards. That means you will experience the reality of the job using the top equipment you may one day work with too.

You can easily download our Brochure with key information about the CHP Program and show it to your parents or friends to discuss what kind of experience you'd like to undertake. 

Just follow us on our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram profiles. Then you won't miss any calls for scholarships or interesting blog topics related to medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, and healthcare in general. It is also the easiest way to check the news or to connect with other CHP Students and ask them for their experiences or advice.  

In addition to the CHP Program Benefits, here are just ten simple reasons why to join us:



As the Czech Republic lies in the temperate climate zone there are no extreme weather conditions. The year has four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. We are sure you will enjoy any season here.

In the summer you can benefit from festivals, biking, parks and swimming pools, and enjoy the atmosphere of the artificial beach at the coast of the Vltava River in Prague. In winter there are marvelous opportunities for all winter sports lovers, enjoy downhill and cross country skiing in the mountains, ice skating and bob sledging. The best slope is only 1 and a half hour away from the center of Prague. Check the weather forecast to know what to take with you.

The program was created by the Czech company called BPLANS be organized s.r.o. We cooperate with the University Hospital in Motol, the top healthcare facility, to ensure that you as a CHP Student are in a real clinical environment shadowing real and inspiring professionals.

Barbora, the program manager and the owner of the company, has worked for several years in the fields of education, personal development, and innovation. The CHP Program combines the innovative education and practical learning through the process of shadowing.

The Czech Republic has been a stable member of the EU and NATO for more than a decade. Friendly relationships of the Czech Republic with the  neighboring countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland supports peaceful growth, business investors, and the tourism. Over 8 million tourist were accommodated in Czechia during 2014. That is also caused by the great reachability by various means of transport.

The CHP Program is designed to be absolutely safe for our students as it is our top priority. That´s why you will be picked up by our travel coordinator directly at the airport to ensure an easy way for you to get to the accommodation. During the CHP Program there is always a member of the team to help and assist you, including when you are in the hospital or in the accommodation. We offer you 24/7 support

Yes, it is. We take care about our environment. We use public transport means,  we do recycle in the accommodation, as other available services.

The airport for Prague is the Václav Havel Airport (PRG), where a member of the CHP Team awaits for you. You will receive all of the relevant information regarding your arrival in our Pre-departure Guide.

If you decide to join the CHP Program you may try crowdfunding to gain funds from all who want to support your experience and career path including your family, friends and other people. Go fund me, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great right places to start with.

Don't forget to follow us on social media as every 6 months we raise the opportunity for one student to get the CHP Scholarship.


We recommend that you book your flight the moment of confirmation of your placement from the CHP Team after successfully completing the registration process. To get the best price quotes for your flight try the search engine Skypicker that finds and books the most advantageous flights all around the world, all within one user-friendly website.

If you are travelling by bus, have a look at the Student Agency website, a really great Czech transport company.

During the registration process you are asked for a scan of your Passport and a Health Status Confirmation. If you are under 18 we also require a confirmation signed by your parents or your legal guardian about the participation in the CHP Program.

All these documents are available in the CHP system for you to fill in.


Our students must be insured specifically for the CHP Program placement and the specific insurance coverage is already included in the price of your placement. It covers the following situations:  and covers the following situations: 

  • the residence period of the student while carrying out his/her placement in the hospital
  • damage to the hospital property
  • damage to property belonging to third parties
  • damage to any third parties or persons in connections with the performance of the placement at the hospital
  • damage that the student, within the framework of carrying out the placement at the hospital caused to himself/herself (e.g. a result of injury) or to his/her property
  • for emergency medical treatment and repatriation in case of need

The insurance limit for the CHP Program placement we cover you with is CZK 5,000,000 (EUR 200,000/ GBP 151,515/ USD 238,095).

What you need to get is the travel insurance in case of any events that might occur before and during your arrival and during or after your departure from Prague.

You don't need to have VISA when coming from the EU, USA, or CAN, and several other countries. Nevertheless you may check here if you need a VISA, ask a Czech Embassy in your country, or get in touch with the CHP Team to consult the information and ask for help. 

There are not any extra vaccinations needed for your stay in the Czech Republic. But every student must be fully COVID -19 vaccinated and must have negative PCR test before entering the CHP Program.

You will receive all of the information in our Pre-departure Guide with a checklist of what you need to have with you.

To just sum up before your arrival, please ask your mobile phone provider that your cellphone will work abroad and, you should take an adapter to be able to plug your device into the Czech sockets (EU). Then pack the appropriate clothing according to the weather forecast, pocket money, and the required equipment for your placement.

It depends on how long you would like to stay and how many departments you would like to see. Please check the pricelist for the individual week costs.

The price includes from 25 to 30 hours of shadowing per week of your placement and 3 hours per week of Tutorials & Excursions. To get ready for this experience you will have the exclusive study materials and written guides with useful tips at your disposal in the CHP System.

The price also covers the expenses for the CHP Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 times per week. To get you familiar with your surroundings, we provide you with a Tour of Prague. Last but not least, the direct support of the CHP Team during your whole trip can be taken for granted as well as the described insurance coverage. 

Also, the CHP Certificate and Personal Recommendation for the best students are completely free of charge.

We do not include the flight ticket and public transport ticket for travelling around Prague to the overall payment. Don't forget to take some pocket money with you so you have a budget for activities after your placement and for the weekends. 


As the Administration Fee covers the administrative costs it is therefore not refundable. Anyway, if you find out after paying the registration fee that you are not able to come to your placement at the term you have chosen, we can offer you another date for free.  

The CHP system is our unique online interface designed exclusively for CHP Students, Mentors, and our Team. It brings you a wide range of possibilities.

Just to name a few, via the CHP System you can easily communicate with fellow CHP Students and the CHP Team. It arranges your schedule, gives you the information about your departments and mentors, and provides you with downloadable brochures with tips for your free time during the program. You also can find on there the study materials to get ready for the placement. 

It is a great idea to take a few friends of yours and enjoy the program together. If you would like to come as a group, notify the CHP Team for confirmation about the number of free placements. On the other hand, coming alone and meeting new people means for you more challenges in your personal development, in socializing, and getting more independent.

You may come to Prague with your parents, but they cannot be accommodated with you as it could interfere with the CHP Program activities. We are glad to help your parents find a suitable hotel and give them some sightseeing tips of beautiful places in Prague which are worth to visit.


As it is probably your first time coming to Prague and your safety is our number one priority, it is a CHP Team member who picks you up at the airport. Our travel coordinator awaits for you at the airport to gather all students at the meeting point. You are then accompanied to the Accommodation to get there quick and safely.

You will find all of the information related to your arrival and departure in the Pre-departure Guide.

Do not worry. Apart from all of the information that you will receive ahead of time through the CHP System (maps, leisure time tips, and much more), we prepared for you a Local Tour around Prague for you after the first day of your placement. We will show you the local transportation, currency exchange offices, and where some parks, restaurants, shops, and ATMs are. After that you will be completely independent and have a great time with your fellow students.  

If you want to visit some special place do not hesitate to ask us where it is and how to get there. 

Usually, students do not all depart at the same time or even the same day. For that reason we do not organize the transport back to the airport. Nevertheless, we will give you a complete overview with all the means of transportation and help you to get you there quickly and on time. 

The Czech Republic is located in the true heart of Europe which enables you to travel a lot. Once finishing your placement in the hospital you are free to travel, to explore Prague or to relax!

You find all of our tips for traveling and leisure time activities in the CHP System where you can also make plans with other fellow students and travel together. We are also happy to help you with plans for your weekend trip.


Prague is a wonderful capital that attracts millions of tourist every year not only for popular sightseeing but also for its history, cobbled streets, Czech Cuisine or modern arts. Explore the Czech capital from the splendid Prague's Castle which is a seat of the Czech president through the unique Jewish Quarter to the Dox, the museum of Modern Arts.

We guarantee that there is no chance to get bored in this charming place. We put together a guide available for you before your arrival to inspire you what to do in Prague.

We take the students' preparation for the experience in a clinical environment very seriously. As a CHP Student, you will be provided with our special study materials related to each of the specialty departments you have applied for and booked for your stay.

You are encouraged to study on your own, read the recommended literature, and the CHP Blog to discuss it with your mentors for better understanding. 

As your required dresscode for the hospital area only you will need:

  • scrubs with short sleeves in light colours,
  • a white labcoat
  • and Croc-style shoes.

Please make sure you have all what you need before your arrival. The dresscode is officially required by the hospital and follows their guidelines. The hospital doesn´t allow to wear any other form of clothing then the one described above. The hospital dresscode will help you to become one of the members of the hospital work and the perception by the patients will improve.

It is also very useful to have a notebook with you to take all of the important notes. If you are unsure about the dresscode or have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via CHP System or email. We are glad to help.


Despite the Czech Republic as a part of the European Union, the official currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). Nevertheless, in many supermarkets and shopping centers, Euros are accepted so if you have some you will probably have many chances to spend them. You may check the exchange rates to compare it with your own currency.

The University Hospital in Motol is within 15 minutes distance from our accommodation.

All parts of the Accommodation are covered by free Wi-Fi so you can keep in touch with your friends and parents via e-mail, Facebook or skype.

PDF Brochure

Download the CHP Program Brochure