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Student of the Week: Joseph, the Future Neurosurgeon from Boston

Written by Czech Hospital Placements on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

CHP Program, student's review, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery

Joseph is one of the talented U.S. students who choose to pursue the medical career and want a clinical work experience that would help them to reach their goal and get to learn as much a possible through shadowing of real professionals. What does Joseph say about his motivation to become a healthcare professional? "I want to become a healthcare professional because I am determined to provide assistance to people who are in need of treatment but lack the resources to obtain one. There are many places around the world where the rural areas do not have access to a medical facility like the urban environment." Let him tell us if he found in the CHP Program the experience he was hoping for.

A 21-years-old undergraduate student of University of Massachusetts Boston, Joseph, is a student of Exercise and Health Sciences Program for whom the Czech Hospital Placements Program was the first clinical work experience where he had the possibility to shadow the best Neurosurgeons and the Cardiovascular Surgery team in the University Hospital in Motol and explore the healthcare field. He had come here undecided about which specialty to decide for and ended up being convinced of his future. What did he choose? What are his impressions after two weeks in the biggest hospital in Central Europe?

"I am currently 21 years old, I joined the Czech Hospital Placement Program to see how a hospital environment would be. I am having a great time, learning a lot from my mentors. I also joined a program because I was hesitant regarding what field I should go to, neurosurgery or cardio surgery and thanks to the CHP Program I made up my mind." says Joseph whose primary goal was to decide on his future field and thanks to doctor Martin Bláha, one of his Neurosurgery mentors, he knows this is the specialty to pursue.

Do you have any previous clinical work experience? And what are your impressions of the medical shadowing in the CHP Program?

"No, this would be my first experience in a hospital environment. Before coming to the CHP Program I did do a few research studies at my university, but besides that, I have only done clinical experience here in Prague.

I have been here for almost two weeks now. Last week I was at the Neurosurgery Specialized Center, I had a great time, all the mentors were really nice. I get to learn a lot from them. Being in the OR for the first time was frightening but I also feel like I learned a lot. Had a great conversation with my mentor, doctor Martin Bláha, from Neurosurgery. He taught me a great deal of stuff that I would never get a chance to learn back at the US.

So currently this week I am at the Cardiovascular Surgery Specialized Center and I learned a great deal about the veins and arteries of the system. Everything I learned back at the US I get to express here and learn more than I had back home."

What would you recommend to our future students?

"Definitely, for future students coming to the Prague I do recommend reading your mentor's profile, seeing what they do as daily activities, what their specialty is and then also study the materials also provided for the program so you will go into the program knowing what’s going to happen. In addition, during the day when you are following a mentor, I would say get more involved. Do ask if you can participate in certain things if possible. And most importantly – be respectful and enjoy. Everyone is really nice so and I would say just enjoy your time there and learn as much as you can while you are here."

Congrats to Joseph on receiving the Personal Recommendation! Have a look at the full interview with Joseph and don't miss any other useful tips for your specialty work experience.

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