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Better Health Care Professional: Innovation in the COVID-19 crisis with doctor Radek Mounajjed

Written by Czech Hospital Placements on Monday, August 2, 2021

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The pandemic of COVID-19 exposed, apart from the fragility of national healthcare systems, how essential the soft skills of healthcare professionals are. That is why we put together a series of talks with experts on current topics based on their own professional experience while giving the best practice for health providers.

Our first guest is MUDr. Radek Mounajjed DDS., Ph.D., FAP., a specialist in dental prosthodontics and head doctor in DCM dental clinic in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Apart from being the first Czech stomatologist to give lectures at the Mayo Clinic or Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he teaches externally at the University of Toronto or the Palackého University.

Doctor Mounajjed is the coordinator of the initiative Doctors help Czechia (Lékaři pomáhají Česku) that innovatively organized testing and vaccination in the Czech Republic. What has motivated this group of healthcare professionals to help the state and the Czech community outside their daily jobs at the healthcare facilities? What obstacles have they faced and why?

How will education in the healthcare field develop? What makes a great healthcare provider? And much more on skills we would have wished to learn during our university studies with doctor Radek Mounajjed.

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