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This Man is Cooler than Bond James Bond

Written by Czech Hospital Placements on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Hushing a crying baby with a single word, juggling chainsaws or taming a lion, there are no problems for Stirling Gravitas, who controls all aspects of his life. But he is still affected by a serious medical issue.

The TENA Company came up with a unique and cool commercial. While advertising their product, they break the taboo about urine leakage in men. The hero of the ad, who counted to infinity more times than Chuck Norris, shows that this medical condition can affect anyone, regardless of skills or abilities. 

If you think it happens only to elderly women, think again. 

About 50% of all people living in nursing homes suffer from urine leakage. But it affects people of many age groups, and both women and men. In your surroundings you can almost certainly find someone who deals with this issue, even if they don’t talk about it. 

What causes urine leakage?

The kidneys capture waste substances and water from the blood and discharge them into the bladder. It is a stretchable bag of muscle able to capture about 500 ml of liquid. Once the bladder is half full, the nerves inform the brain that it´s time to go to the bathroom, the internal sphincter muscles release, and the urine starts to flow through the urethra. The second sphincter –an external one – is controllable. That means a person can withhold the urine. The pelvic floor ensures the proper function of these muscles. Some people suffer from a disruption of these muscles, and that leads to an inevitable issue. Urinal leakage is an involuntary pass of urine, also called incontinence or bladder weakness.

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The most frequent types of the urine leakage 

Two of the most common types of this medical condition are stress and urgent incontinence. Stress incontinence is caused by increased pressure in the abdominal cavity. It occurs without feeling the need for urination. The urine leaks out during heavy lifting, working out, laughing, or coughing. Women often suffer from this type during pregnancy, after childbirth, or as a consequence of menopause. With these particular causes, it’s best for a woman to consult with her gynecologist. Stress incontinence also affects men, typically after the surgical removal of the prostate. This may happen as a consequence of prostate cancer, which is treated specifically at the Urology Department.  

Urgent incontinence is characterized by a sudden and intense need to urinate. It usually occurs as a result of nerve damage, like after a stroke for instance.

Urine leakage can be also caused by a urinary tract infection, nerve damage, brain injuries, or even by medicine that may disrupt nerve transmissions, causing the signal indicating a need for urination to go unreported to the brain.

How to treat a medical issue that affects millions of people worldwide?

According to the type, severity, and frequency of the urine leakage, treatment methods may vary, as do the devices and instruments that can assist at different stages of therapy. Incontinence can be treated by the departments of Urology, Gynecology, and Physiotherapy. These departments often cooperate to heal and improve a patient´s quality of life.

 Would you like to observe real surgery or the therapy processes? Sign up to the department of Urology, Gynecology, or Physiotherapy and start shadowing their top doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.


TENA Men went even further in their marketing campaign and created another great video with special tips for the prevention of bladder weakness. We think their perspective on incontinence is really cool. 

Their commercials show that urine leakage happens and people shouldn´t feel ashamed of that.

After all, Stirlings tells you himself. 


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