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The Most Important Question for Everyone who Wants to Work in the Hospital Environment

Written by Czech Hospital Placements on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Do you want to become a healthcare professional one day? To work as a doctor, nurse, dentist, paramedic, midwife, physiotherapist or a healthcare assistant? Once working in healthcare you must be ready to help people during their most difficult times. The healthcare professions are truly rewarding, however, on the other side there is a big responsibility, years of studying, and many stressful moments with your colleagues, patients, even your family and friends.

To work as a healthcare professional, you need to cope with all mentioned and have a strong motivation and enthusiasm for your work. In addition to your skills and education, loving what you do with every heartbeat is a key to successful work life. So before you decide to start your career path, you should be able to answer honestly this simple question:

WHY DO I WANT TO BECOME A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL? Answer now to yourself, what is the reason why you dream about working in the hospital environment. The Czech Hospital Placement Program mentors are the top professionals in what they do, while also teaching their future colleagues, (you might become one of them, too). They knew the answer to WHY, when they were students. And today they work in one of the most prestigious healthcare facility in Central Europe - the University Hospital in Motol. Look what has motivated some of  these former highschool students to reach their dream job:

MUDr. Hana Bartošová, Anesthesiologist

"Fighting for their health and contentment is for me the right thing to do. So far the desire to care for others has fulfilled me. This compassion for the suffering and defenceless is reflected also out of my profession."

MUDr. Martin Bláha, Ph.D., Neurosurgeon

"Studying medicine was for me a logical choice that stemmed from my interest in nature and science. Medical faculties have clearly specified content of study. It is not an artificially created field that can be difficult to find a job in after school. Healthcare is also not connected to politics and therefore brings some amount of autonomy. Medicine is a field that is the same all around the world in different countries. Therefore, you may find a job in other countries which gives you even more personal freedom."


Bc. Andrea Kokolová, ICU nurse

"I spent my life growing up in a medical environment. My mother and aunt were nurses. They both worked in a sanatorium, where the most frequent illnesses were diseases of the respiratory tract. The healthcare professionals lived in the buildings surrounding the sanatoriums with their families. This life affected all of us children so much that 80% of us eventually found ourselves in the health professions"

MUDr. Martin Kočí, Pediatric Radiologist

"When I was 18 years old, some of my friends and relatives faced medical issues. I was very frustrated that I was not able to help them despite how much I wanted to. I was trying to decide between IT and medicine at the time, and medicine obviously won. I realized that this job is the one that makes the most sense: no matter what I run into in your life, I have a job that has a useful purpose."

Mgr. Barbora Frgalová, Physiotherapist

"It was only logical that I decided to work as a healthcare professional because there is nothing more precious than one’s health. Physiotherapy is never monotonous, and it becomes even more interesting with every new patient. Specific methods can be applied to athletes and other patients in different stages of acute or chronic illness. The physiotherapist has to be able to connect objective examinations with the subjective problems of the patient, which can sometimes make them feel like a detective."

Have you found yourself in someone´s answer? smile To see what was the motivation of other healthcare professionals to pursue their dream of working in their field, get our free eBooks, where you can also find many useful tips for healthcare students. In the first free book you will learn How to start your journey as a healthcare professional.

Or look at the answers directly in our mentors´profiles under each department specialty where we offer shadowing placement in various specialties. 

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