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Gorgeous Tattoos Give Back Confidence to Women Who Survived Breast Cancer

Written by Czech Hospital Placements Program on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Mastectomy is a surgical removal of breast or both of them, partially or completely. Sometimes in case of a breast cancer it can be the only solution for saving woman' s health and life. In total, 56% woman who survived breast cancer are left with scars caused by mastectomy and often, their nipples were surgicaly removed. These women can undergo another surgery for breast reconstruction or not. But the project called P.Ink, meaning Personal Ink, comes with another solution – replace the scars by gorgeous tattoos.

The goal of the P.Ink project is to find more tattoo artists then David Allen and Shane Wallin, who have created following artworks on female bodies, to help women to find back their confidence, while making their breasts looking as a painted masterpiece. The tattoo of women' taste masks the place of scar or missing nipple, and when it comes to work of an artist, it is not an easy job. The surface of the breast is not straight like arm or leg and the work is much more challenging. But the results are stunning!


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, in both, developed and developing countries. In U.S., 12% women suffer from invasive breast cancer during their lifetime.


This oncological disease typically begins in the cells of the lobules – glands producing milk, or in the ducts – passages draining milk from lobules to the nipple. In non-invasive cancer type, the tumor stays within the ducts or lobules, it doesn’t spread into normal tissues. The second type - invasive cancer - grow into healthy tissues within or beyond the breast. Breast cancer is usually invasive.

Source: Wisdo Videos

Amy Black is a tattoo artist who creates 3D tattoo nipples to women who underwent surgical cancer treatment. See the reaction of one of their clients when seeing her new false nipple. 


In 2017, more then 250 000 women living in the U.S. are expected to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, along with over 60 000 new cases of non-invasive cancer patients. In the Czech republic, every 1 out of 1000 women is diagnosed with the breast cancer every year.


The tattoo artists help women to feel confident again in their body, after the surgical procedure of cancer removal.

Luckily, the treatment of this oncologic disease is often successful. If you would like to gain a valuable clinical experience in the medical specialty of oncogynecology, we can offer you the placement of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This specialized center belongs to the most prestigious ones in the whole country, the emphasis is there put actually on treating oncogynelogical issues. 

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