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Prague - One of the Top Destinations (Again) in the World of 2016

Written by Czech Hospital Placements on Thursday, May 5, 2016

Prague Sights Charles Bridge Travel Discover Amazing City Castle

There are only a few places in the world that are as wonderful as Prague ­ and millions of people come her every year to prove it. The beauty of the Czech capital is also proven by the travelers´ rating on Trip Advisor – the world largest traveler website. Prague reached an amazing 6th place as one of the top 25 destinations in the world! The pulsating city boasting its fairytale historical center has been among the top 10 stunning places on the planet for several years in a row. The city of a hundred spires – how Prague is rightly nicknamed - charmed the world renowned masters such as the famous composer Mozart, the influential writer Franz Kafka, and the eminent astronomer Tycho Brahe. It is not an accident that movies such as Casino Royale, Mission Impossible, A Knight´s Tale, and many more have chosen Prague as a shooting place for its gorgeous scenery. One can hardly describe you the glory of the city using nothing but a couple of words. But the pictures can tell more.

What do people adore the most here? The first place surely belongs to the stunning Charles Bridge which inspires photographers, painters, poets, and of course, tourists for many centuries. One of the most beloved statues is the one of Jan Nepomucký. The legend says if you touch the bronze relief, you will have good luck and your wish will comes true. So think of it while passing.

The famous Prague Castle is the number one in the Guinness book of records as the largest castle in the world. It is the seat of the Czech president, but many parts of the area are open for the public daily. Have you seen the magnificent St. Vitus cathedral? If not yet, you must put it on the top of your list once you are in Prague.


St. Vitus Cathedral

The Astronomical clocks ­ the one and only in the world, attracts thousands of people to the Old Town Square. Watch the fascinating mechanical performance introducing the 12 Apostles and the grim reaper making a unique show every hour. It is unquestioned that Prague is mostly admired for its priceless historical architectural gems which make the true spirit of the city. But actually, the Czech capital has much more cultural treasures to offer. Alison Vingiano has posted 27 Pictures That Prove The Czech Republic Will Be One Of The Most Beautiful Places You Will Ever Visit on Buzfeed. After seeing you will be sure that Czech Republic, with its brilliant capital, is a place you simply must visit.

What about the popular Lennon wall? People come every day to leave a message, a wish, or a love saying to support freedom and peace in the honor of John Lennon. What message you will leave to the world?

After exploring Prague's pearls, the city invites you to a countless of restaurants offering delicious meals, museums, and galleries to admire the art pieces by world known masters, myriads stores, and shops including traditional Czech crafts.

The famous director Tim Burton has opened an exhibition The World of Tim Burton in Prague last year and said: “Without really thinking of it, I was very influenced by this place.”

 Simply, there is no possibility to get bored in Prague. It is not an accident the Czech Hospital Placements Program is run in this amazing city. 

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